Merlin 28 March 2015


Wanna share the makeover I did for my client las month. Her name is Merlin, she’s such a sweet girl 🙂 She wanted to come  to her sister’s graduation and she was going to wear a beautiful red lace dress. That’s why I choosed to put a red lipstick on her.

Let’s talk about the make up technique (or maybe just the makeup I did to enhance her feature :p)

First, she has a beautiful big eyes (she doesn’t wear any contact lenses). When I met a client who has a big eyes, I always put a natural eyshadow colour, and put the bottom lashes eyeliner with half black colour and the other half nude/ white colour (I don’t want to make her eyes too bold with a strong smokey eyes and or a full eyeliner on the bottom lashes waterline).

Second, She has a quite similar eybrows and they’re not too thick, so it was easy for me to draw the eyebrows. I rarely shave/ trim my client’s eyebrow if they don’t want to. I just correct the excess eyebrow with lighter foundation so it could highlighted the browbone area.

Third, her lips is quite dry. When I faced client with a dry lips, I put a lip balm onto her lips two or three times. First, when I put a face moisturizer/ primer, then when I do the eyebrows/ eyeshadow, and last, before I apply the lipstick. It helps to moisture the chapped lips. My client, in this pic, use LA Splash lip couture in poison apple (Just bought it online last month). It’s so beautiful with her. Unfortunately, I was in a rush that time, cuz I was going to have a personal make up class student, I couldn’t take a pic of Merlin when she wear her red lace dress :(. Her dress would be so awesome paired with the bold lips 😀

I hope there’s more client to come, so I can share more things with you guys, xoxo


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