Smokey Eye Look for Small Eyes

Even a girl with small eyes deserve to have a killer smokey-eyes look. All you need to do is do a little trick.

To show how, let’s take a look on my friend right now.

Lita and I have been friend for 10 years and she wants to make her small eyes look stunning and probably tryin’ to figure out which look suits her best for her engagement party, so here we are experimenting together.

I used dark-brown and black colour eyeshadow from BH Cosmetics Day&Night Pallet. The eyeshadow colour will do the work just fine but for me, eyeliner can be a little magic to enlarge her eyes.  Try a classic or a bold winged eyeliner. Don’t forget falsies, it does make a huge difference on your look.

As always, do combine smokey eyes with nude lips and light-contour skin, and let her eyes to be the centre of attention. Add slight brightness and fresh look even  if her face is light-contoured. I used a pink blush and also a light-brown blush on the cheekbone to give a fresher skin look.

Here’s the before-after pic


And then, simple hairdo to execute…

To add more colours, I put some flower pins on her up-do


And voila!!!

Hope this tutorial can inspire you!

With love,


technique, I’d love to hear some from you 😉

Thanks for the read, like, or comment 🙂 I do appreciate your attention

Bye-bye..XOXO :*


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