Smokey Eye Look for Small Eyes

Even a girl with small eyes deserve to have a killer smokey-eyes look. All you need to do is do a little trick.

To show how, let’s take a look on my friend right now.

Lita and I have been friend for 10 years and she wants to make her small eyes look stunning and probably tryin’ to figure out which look suits her best for her engagement party, so here we are experimenting together.

I used dark-brown and black colour eyeshadow from BH Cosmetics Day&Night Pallet. The eyeshadow colour will do the work just fine but for me, eyeliner can be a little magic to enlarge her eyes.  Try a classic or a bold winged eyeliner. Don’t forget falsies, it does make a huge difference on your look.

As always, do combine smokey eyes with nude lips and light-contour skin, and let her eyes to be the centre of attention. Add slight brightness and fresh look even  if her face is light-contoured. I used a pink blush and also a light-brown blush on the cheekbone to give a fresher skin look.

Here’s the before-after pic


And then, simple hairdo to execute…

To add more colours, I put some flower pins on her up-do


And voila!!!

Hope this tutorial can inspire you!

With love,


technique, I’d love to hear some from you 😉

Thanks for the read, like, or comment 🙂 I do appreciate your attention

Bye-bye..XOXO :*


Arabian Look – Make Up Challenge

Ini Make Up Challange pertama yang aku kerjakan sama MUA asal Semarang, namanya Fira Rachma. Buat kalian yang lagi di Semarang bisa langsung kontak dese lo 🙂 (Sayang ga ngesave picnya Tante Fira 😦 tapi buat yg penasaran bisa check  di instagramku @ayuramdhayanie, skalian follow ya hehe :D)
Awalny agak bingung sama ciri-ciri dari Arabian Look, tapi setelah search sana-sini akhirnya dapet sedikit conclusion:

  1. Arabian look ini terkenal karna warna2 eyeshadownya yang Bold.
  2. Sering juga pemakaian eyelinernya superwinged ato pake model double-liner

Biar Agak jelas aku kasih beberapa referensi yaa 😀


Nah, pic yang kedua ini yang jadi inspirasiku..

So, I try to combine these pic..and here’s the result


Makeup mata yang bold diseimbangkan dengan soft/ nude lipstick. Masih belum sempurna sih, but I love the result 😀 mungkin warnanya agak kurang keliatan yah, here’s the eye detail then


Seperti biasa, BH Cosmetics day and night pallet masih jadi favorit untuk eyeshadownya :3, kali ini nyoba eyelinernya maybelline yg hypersharp and I really love it, definitely gonna buy it again ❤ ❤

Untuk base eyeshadownya masih jatuh cinta juga sama LT Pro creamy foundie yg plum rose. Hope you guys like it, and feel free to ask if you have any question about this look 🙂

Merlin 28 March 2015


Wanna share the makeover I did for my client las month. Her name is Merlin, she’s such a sweet girl 🙂 She wanted to come  to her sister’s graduation and she was going to wear a beautiful red lace dress. That’s why I choosed to put a red lipstick on her.

Let’s talk about the make up technique (or maybe just the makeup I did to enhance her feature :p)

First, she has a beautiful big eyes (she doesn’t wear any contact lenses). When I met a client who has a big eyes, I always put a natural eyshadow colour, and put the bottom lashes eyeliner with half black colour and the other half nude/ white colour (I don’t want to make her eyes too bold with a strong smokey eyes and or a full eyeliner on the bottom lashes waterline).

Second, She has a quite similar eybrows and they’re not too thick, so it was easy for me to draw the eyebrows. I rarely shave/ trim my client’s eyebrow if they don’t want to. I just correct the excess eyebrow with lighter foundation so it could highlighted the browbone area.

Third, her lips is quite dry. When I faced client with a dry lips, I put a lip balm onto her lips two or three times. First, when I put a face moisturizer/ primer, then when I do the eyebrows/ eyeshadow, and last, before I apply the lipstick. It helps to moisture the chapped lips. My client, in this pic, use LA Splash lip couture in poison apple (Just bought it online last month). It’s so beautiful with her. Unfortunately, I was in a rush that time, cuz I was going to have a personal make up class student, I couldn’t take a pic of Merlin when she wear her red lace dress :(. Her dress would be so awesome paired with the bold lips 😀

I hope there’s more client to come, so I can share more things with you guys, xoxo

Natural yet Glam Party Make Up


Hii Theree..

This was the full face makeup from last post pictorial

The theme of this look was Natural yet Glam Make Up, I love using a soft and subtle colour, but for a party (at night), I would like to add some glitter to make my eyes spark 😉

For this look, I also stacked my falsies, the natural one and the bold one (gonna post it later)

soo, hm, where do I start?

Primer? I used monistat chafing relief gel, I bought it online

For foundations, I always use Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation in True Beige since it’s really matched my skin tone, and PAC creamy foundation NO. 04. Then I contour my nose, my cheek and my jawline with kryolan tv stick foundations in NG2.

For highliting, I used both LTpro creamy foundation in plum rose (for my browbone) and revlon colorstay concealer in beige (if I’m not mistaken :p)

Next, is my loose powder, I used Revlon Face Powder in soft beige then I tap it with my LTpro Dual Function Pallet in light series.

And here we come to my Brow, I don’t know why but from so many brow pencils, I always fall back to my viva cosmetics brow pencil in brown. It’s a local brand from Indonesia, but it works awesoome and it’s soooo affordable here, it’s only IDR 28/30K :*.

Since it’s a Natural look, I prefer a pinky cheek than only countouring my cheek with brown color. So my face become brighter and balanced. Last but not least, I just need to put some pinky-brown lipstick. I used my MaxFactor in Pomegranate.

Finally, I think that’s All about this makeup look..It’s the longest caption I’ve ever written 😀 Hope it helps, and thanks for reading my post :*

Brown and Pink


So..this is my first pictorial 😀

I uploaded this on my instagram

sorry for the bad lighting everyone..

here’s the details

  1. I highlited my browbone and primed my lids with ltpro creamy foundation in plum rose
  2. Then I applied brown eyeshadow all over my lids and left a tiny space on the centre of my lids.
  3. I put pink eyeshadow in the centre of my lids, and added lt pro glitters in gold.
  4. Winged your eyeliner 😉
  5. Put on your favourite falsies
  6. Ta daaaa..

You can change the colour of the eyeshadow, just try another colour and  let me know the result 😀

Happy Trying :))

Courses Time!!!

Whellow 😀

Lamaaaaa banget ga update blog. Selain masih ga paham gimana cara ngedit blognya juga masih bingung karna ga punya foto bagus buat di post, huhuhu 😦

After more than 6 months, ngerasa banget kalo lagi haus pengetahuan tentang makeup..dan amat sangat ga sabar buat belajar sendiri, akhirnyaaa kepikiran lah untuk ikut kursus dimanaaaa gitu. Ngumpulin duit selama kerja sayangnya belom bisa dipake karna mau married (my wedding was on 11th October).

And noooow, finally, setelah search disana-sini, akhirnya nyantol deh sama rini hijab di tegalsari 71 (alhamdulillah), banyak belajar dari sini dan alhamdulillah sreg 😀

and here they are, my models..CYMERA_20141030_144344[1]CYMERA_20141027_211958[1]CYMERA_20141028_154517[1]CYMERA_20141029_190204[1]


It’s Before After time


Here it is..

She is my bestie, my first guinea pig :p

Namanya Gyna, dari “sono”-nya emang udah cantik, jadi cuma tinggal tegesin mukanya sedikit aja.

beberapa makeup yg diapake yaitu :

  • Eyebrow = Sari ayu
  • Eyes = Maybelline
  • Foundation and concelear = Revlon Photoready
  • Lips = Revlon lip conditioner and Maybelline lipstick

warnanya banyak yg lupa..hihihi, so cuma nyantumin merknya aja.

eyebrownya masih kurang rapi memang, namanya juga my “first” time..hehe. But, I’ll post some pic with better eyebrow next *aw,can’t wait*

kalo ada yg mo tanya2 lebih lanjut langsung kontak ke email aja ya guys 😉